Twilight Fanfiction The Agreement

“Neither party will use contraception by mutual agreement until and at that time the birth of the first child,” I quoted. The first page of the marriage contract was fundamental: no matter how much fortune they had when they entered the marriage, they would go with us in case of divorce. Any wealth that entered the household during the marriage would be divided between them 50/50, unless the reason for divorce was adultery. There was nothing extraordinary, but as she continued reading, Bella felt her walls crumble again. Her life was ahead of her, black and white. One point made it clear that if they had children for the five years of their contract, Edward would get custody of them in the event of a divorce, but she was allowed to visit her children after consultation with Edward. She almost expected that there would be paragraphs that said he would control all the medication he needed, that he could pull it if she behaved shamefully in public, but there were none. She could live with the fact that he felt the need to control her life every minute of her days, but to sign custody of her children, she just couldn`t. “This is not the best start to our Bella marriage, because you are menting to my face before the wedding has even taken place,” Edward`s head shook in disgust.

“Are you going to lie to me, even if I know the truth?” Bella squeezed her head, her eyes on her hands, and after breathing hard and deeply, Bella signs the marriage contract while signing her future children. “We need to discuss exactly what we want to say to people. It shouldn`t be too hard to find something. He was more confident than I was. “And in case our agreement is no longer appropriate for either of us, the secret will remain. No one but us should ever know, no matter what happens in the future. “You have to promise me that if things are too. As you said. hot. So you have to stop, and I`m serious. Or I`ll break that agreement from time to time. Fifty Shades of Grey, the first erotic hit that sold more than 40 million times worldwide, originally began as a Twilight-based fanfiction story called “Master of the Universe.” But its online success was preceded by The Office. The first part described the confidentiality clauses and the confidentiality agreement in the first place. .

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