Timber Pest Inspection Agreement

Factors such as price, contractual terms and scope of verification can be used as the basis for your decision. To get the best shop offer before making a choice. In Western Australia, these are generally carried out by professional construction inspectors and licensed pest control companies. Once you have read the inspection agreement and have fully understood it, fill out the form and click the «I understand and I agree» button. Before you buy a house, it is recommended that you have a pest inspection report on the wood. The following information explains the law, but does not replace the legislation. You should be aware of a jurisdiction or legal right about your respective circumstances. A wood pest inspection report can be provided to ensure that your property is not infected with termites or other wood pests. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, and the special condition requires that the seller pay for the damage to the wood and the treatment, then it is recommended that you immediately write to the seller or seller`s agent for the repairs and treatments expected. Make sure that an additional inspection is carried out prior to the count to confirm that appropriate treatment or repair has been carried out.

The particular condition should stipulate that if Termite is an activity sufficient to cause or caused, then the sales contract may be terminated or the seller may be held liable for processing and repair costs. This particular requirement should justify the inspection of wood pests in accordance with Australian standard 4349.3-1998, which is a national standard for inspections and reports on wood pests. If your inspection report indicates the activity of wood pests, your options depend to some extent on the wording of the special condition of the AOA. By including your inspection in the AOA as a special condition, you will be better able to resolve the matter with the seller before the count. The license of a pest control company indicates a level of training, experience and compliance with Australian standards. To check if a pest control operator is licensed, or for information and advice on all kinds of chemical treatments, by email, go to the Ministry of Health or call 08 9388 4999. If you are building your own home or want general information to protect your home from termites, write down the following information entitled Termites and your home and guide to choosing a pest control company. A seller may offer to pay for the inspection which may seem cheaper, but if you hire an inspector, your report will be independent, will not be influenced by the seller`s interests and they can advise you directly.

If you decide to authorize payment to the seller, you should ask for the inspector`s choice and contractual terms with the inspector`s company. The Australian standard for building inspections (AS 4349.1-2007) and wood pest inspections (AS 4349.3-2010 and AS 3660.2-2000) requires that a pre-emption agreement be accepted by the homebuyer (or his or her lawyer/promoter) before the inspection begins. To meet the standard and meet the requirements of insurers, you must read and accept the agreement below. This type of inspection includes roof and floor wood, annexes and fences. It will provide information on current infestations, past damage, areas likely to be infested in the future and additional inspections to maintain effective physical and chemical barriers to pest control. If there are ambiguities in the condition of the wood parasite, you may need to consult a lawyer for a legal interpretation of your position. It is also advisable to contact your billing manager. In addition, if parasitic damage is discovered and there is no special condition in your contract for this situation, it is recommended that you seek legal advice.