How To Cite The Paris Agreement Mla

If you cite UN documents, you provide as much information as possible to help the reader find the cited source. Also be consistent in your citation style. Your bibliography: Tambo, E., Duo-quan, W., and Zhou, X., 2016. Combating air pollution and extreme climate change in China: implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Environment International, 95, pp.152-156. The sources of international law are listed in Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, which is annexed to the Charter of the United Nations. These sources are: treaties, morals, general principles and case law, as well as scientific commentaries as a subsidiary means of defining legal norms. Treaties, morals and general principles are the main sources of law in international law. Court decisions and scientific literature are secondary sources. Treaties are written agreements between nations. Customary law is a State practice that is done out of duty. The general principles are the general principles recognized by the courts of the whole world.

Note that documentation from intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) such as the United Nations or Soft Law does not appear as a legal source in the ICJ Statute, perhaps because the Statute was developed prior to the dissemination of IGOs. Your bibliography: 2017. The Paris Agreement – main page. [online] Available at: [Accessed March 9, 2017]. Note: The American Society of International Law provides a useful guide to contracts and other international agreements on and contains citation information for sources under the «More Information» links for primary documents. A quotation from a treaty or other international agreement should contain the name of the agreement; the parties, if any; where applicable, the above-mentioned subdivision; the date of signature; and the source(s) in which the contract is found. If the parties can join the contract, indicate the full date on which the contract was concluded at signing. Otherwise, indicate the full date on which it was signed or accepted. If available, indicate the date it came into effect. Parties to a bilateral treaty should be placed in parentheses immediately after the title, with the names of the parties separated by a dash. Where appropriate, an informal/short title may be indicated in parentheses before the specific reference and used in the references below.

The main international agreements on climate change are below. The full text of the contract is linked, as is the UN treaty website, which contains details on participants and key data. Official records: If you cite the minutes, resolutions, decisions or reports of an important organ or subsidiary body of the United Nations, you are citing official records that also contain additions and annexes. A short title may be used for any subsequent reference to an international contract or agreement. Put the short title in parentheses at the end of the quote….