Horse Sale Agreement

When you buy a horse for the first time, it may be best to start with a calm and well-trained horse. Be sure to consult with an experienced horseman in order to find your needs. If you plan to raise the horse or use it for sports, I hope you already know everything you need to know, but it`s always a good idea to do your research and advise with experienced people. 7. Pre-emption review. If the buyer decides not to proceed with the pre-emption examination, inserts in the contract a rating indicating that the buyer has refused a pre-emption examination on horseback. This documentation helps protect the seller if the untested horse becomes paralyzed shortly after the sale, unless the seller may have lied by answering direct questions about solidity. 8. Insurance. If you sell a horse on staggered payments, you insist on insurance at least equal to the outstanding balance, at the buyer`s expense, being yourself cited in the policy as the beneficiary of losses. Otherwise, if the horse is injured or dies before the final payment has been made, you can get stuck with the buyer for what you owe. (If an expensive show or breeding horse is involved, «loss of use» insurance is also a good idea.) Sale contract – final confirmation of agency 1 buyer and seller confirm that they have received the Oregon real estate disclosure agency Sinfomphlet, and confirm and accept 2 for the following relationships of the agency in this transaction: 3… Bill of sale without guarantees witnesses of this agreement to date of , 20 , of and between , the following referred to as «seller» and, below referred to as «buyer».

A model for the sale of horses only for orientation. Legal advice should be sought to ensure that any written agreement is legally binding. It is a legally binding document. In fact, you will need this document if there is ever an argument about who the true owner of the horse is, or if questions about its ancestry arise. Page one. Sale and purchase of horses Contract Horse Code Name Father Mother Color Race or Type Sex Age Height Brands Head and Neck Members l.f. r. r.h.

body marks: left shoulder acquired Marks Page 2. Owner/Agent… The Horse Bill of Sale is a legal document that describes a transaction between two (2) parties concerning the purchase/sale and thus the change of ownership of a horse. If the animal needs a health check before buying it completely, it is likely that a bond is required.