Durham University Licence Agreement

Under this license, accommodation is only offered to college members who are full-time students of Durham University. The university has given you the opportunity to read the terms of this agreement, including the timelines, as shown on the university`s website here, and has given you the opportunity to express any concerns you have with this agreement, with the university and you regarding the nature and impact of this agreement. or, with respect to any of its provisions, each party shall have the right to avail itself of the appeal procedure described therein. Durham University Library can provide university members with copyright advice and copying materials for research, teaching and learning at the university. 1.2. In consideration for payment of the fee in accordance with clause 2 of this Agreement, St Chad`s College grants you, subject to the provisions of this Agreement, a licence to use a room inside the College as a bedroom and learning room for the period of occupancy, in accordance with the details of the attached offer. including the right (as for other licensees having the right to occupy or use the accommodation), to use all furniture, appliances and other property that is in the room and all those contained in a common area of the accommodation during this period. 1.7. Normally, you are not authorised or granted to you a licence of any kind to encourage or carry out any official commercial, commercial, professional or commercial activities or activities registered in your room or part of the establishment, or to use or register a university address for this purpose.

Exceptions are rarely made, and then only with the express and specific authorization of the contracting authority. Durham University is a university university and there are 17 colleges in total. There are 16 colleges that accept students. The university has decided to put the teaching fully online for the Easter semester. In addition, the university has indicated that it will not charge a fee to students with a bachelor`s degree for the Easter semester to live in university accommodation. The university continues to welcome students who cannot return home at that time. IT IS AGREED that the University will offer the stay at the University under the conditions set out in the Occupancy Agreement set out on the University`s website, subject to the payments provided for in the Occupancy Agreement and provided that this forms the basis of a license to use, and does not constitute a form of rental agreement or other interests or discounts, pursuant to section 8 of Schedule 1 to the Housing Act 1988. .