Cta Subscriber Agreement

«Contractor Team Arrangement Agreement» refers to the written agreement between team members that details the responsibilities of the team and each team member. The CTA team agreement should determine the role and responsibility of each team member in the work done at the contract level. These roles and responsibilities are defined by the team, not the government. The ordering activity should evaluate the team agreement: to obtain real-time market data, customers must have subscribed to market data. All customers first receive 100 parallel lines of real-time market data (which can be displayed in TWS or via the API) and still have at least 100 lines of data. After the first month of trading, the amount of market data is used using the higher value of: the CTA agreement document is developed exclusively by the team partners and forwarded to the buyer as part of the response to the request. The GSA recommends that at least (additional points can be added by the team to ensure a clear and concise document) the following points in the agreement: the CTA differs from a partnership between a principal contractor and a subcontractor by the fact that all team members are equal partners. Other important differences are listed below: By default, users receive free deferred market data for available exchanges. If necessary, users can subscribe to real-time streaming market data for prices listed in the following tables. As soon as a subscription is active, deferred market data is replaced by real-time quotes. In addition, customers who do not need real-time streaming courses have the ability to request instant data from multiple exchanges around the world. This requirement provides a static offer for the instrument.

U.S.-listed stocks are $0.01 per price request and all other instruments are USD 0.03 per price request. As a courtesy, accounts receive a drop of USD 1.00 per month for snapshot offers. More information. Non-professional subscriber – A «non-professional subscriber» is any natural person (the definition of a natural person excludes companies, trusts, organizations, institutions and partnership accounts) that a market data provider has classified as a «non-professional subscriber» and who is not: We provide continuous market data for prices listed in the following sections. For the exchanges we make available, you will automatically receive free deferred market data for financial instruments for which you do not currently have market data subscriptions. Market data subscriptions, for example, in the table below can help you choose the right subscriptions for your business requirements. Most stock and data service providers classify clients as non-professional or professional. Organizations such as companies, limited liability companies, partnerships and any account on which the data is used for personal investment purposes are considered professional by default. In addition, individuals may be considered professionals if they are registered as security or investment advisors or if they act in similar functions.

A trader employed by a financial services company may also be considered a professional. Click here for more information on non-professional qualifications.