Scl Transportation Agreement

Agreement by a shipping company to make a cargo hold available on a vessel at a given time and at a specified price for an exporter or importer. The weight prescribed by the agreement between the forwarder and the shipper for goods shipped in a certain number of packages or in a number of packages. A timetable (or change) accepted by the beneficiary (payer) and who is unconditionally obliged to pay at maturity. – on the whole, any agreement to buy goods under certain conditions. The members agreed and voted on an interim basis. The votes were counted on 20 September 2019 and resulted in a rejection of the provisional agreement. Negotiations resumed on 22 January 2020, with ibEW proposing a new path. We await CSXT`s response, for which future negotiations on the COVID 19 pandemic will be planned. The shipping agreement or transport agreement between the shipper and the airline is only issued in a non-negotiable form. 1. DEFIN «carrier» designates the company, which is indicated as a support on the front of the car letter and in the name of which this car letter was signed. «Carrier» is SCL SWAN Container Lines GmbH, Alter Wall 55, 20457 Hamburg.

«goods,» the cargo accepted by the shipper and includes all containers that are not delivered by or on behalf of the airline. «container» includes all containers (including an open container) flat shelf, platform, trailer, transportable tank, pallet or any other device used to transport goods. «trader»: the sender, the sender, the owner, the recipient, the recipient of the goods, any person, including a company, company or other legal entity, who owns or authorizes the possession of the goods or the present bill of lading, and all those who act on behalf of those persons. «Holder» means anyone in possession of this bill of lading to which the ownership of the goods was transferred, or as a result of the delivery of the goods or the approval of that letter of the car or by any other means. «Package» The word packet must contain each container, whether the container is filled and sealed by the distributor or on its behalf, even if the sender may have given the contents of such a sealed container in detail. «Freight» includes all agreed taxes and customary and customary surcharges – which apply at the time of the handling of goods – which must be paid to the carrier in accordance with applicable fares and this car letter, including terminal loads for loading and discharge port, detention, dewalling, demurrage and detention container and all other taxes payable. , as well as Deadfreight under applicable law. 2. CARRIER`S TARIFF The terms of the airline`s applicable fare are included. Copies of the relevant provisions of the applicable fare are available upon request from the carrier. In the event of an inconsistency between this car letter and the applicable fare, this Llading Bulletin is a priority.

3. GARANTIA the trader guarantees that by accepting the terms of this agreement, he is the representative of the person and has the Demher of the possession of the goods or of a person with a present or future interest in the goods. 4. NEGOTIABILITY AND TITLE TO THE GOODS (1) This car letter is not negotiable unless it is «ordered» in the event that it is the property of the goods and the owner is authorized to receive or transfer the goods described in it. (2) This car letter is apparent evidence of the carrier`s assumption of the goods, as described here. However, evidence to the contrary is not permitted if the contract has been negotiated or transferred to a third party against third parties with a safe value.