Coates Hire Rental Agreement

If the device is hired at any time by the customer for its location in the remote area, the following clauses apply in addition to the client`s obligations under Term 3 and elsewhere in these rental conditions; 9.4 You acknowledge that we can rent or lease third-party equipment if we cannot provide you with the equipment («third party»), and if so, the title remains to third-party equipment. 7.1 If consumer law in Australia applies, the customer has guarantees regarding the rental of the devices that cannot be excluded. Rental fees – The amounts shown in the rental plan that the customer must pay for the rental of the device. 5.1 You pay us for the rental of the equipment at the rental fee stipulated in the rental plan. 8.8 You cannot remove equipment from the state or territory where you rented it without our written consent. 8.12 All electrical appliances we supply will be tested and marked before being hired, but during the rental period you will be responsible for arranging it at your own expense to re-evaluate and restart electrical appliances in accordance with the manufacturer`s instructions and the applicable requirements of the Australian and regulatory authoritie. We are able to arrange such a new review and notice of electrical appliances at your expense. Unless we re-test and re-label electrical appliances, you are responsible for the damage caused to the devices resulting from faulty tests. (a) performing equipment rental duties to you, including, but not just assessing your creditworthiness, or exercising our rights in accordance with Clause 10; Kennards may ask the customer to pay the device waiver fee plus for the rental of medium and large devices, but the customer may decide to opt out of this payment. 22.5 Copies of our privacy policy and credit reporting policies are available on request or visit Remote Space – Each location that is plus is 50 kilometres from the Kennards branch, from where the equipment is rented. 15.1 The waiver of loss theft («LTD Waiver») is not an insurance, but an agreement on our part to limit your liability in the event of loss, theft or damage to the aircraft to an amount called LTD Waiver Excess.

The LTD Waiver Excess is described below in section 15.5. Please respect the restrictions mentioned in paragraph 15.6. Change: These lease conditions can be changed by Kennards from time to time by indicating the customer`s change by Kennards. The notification is considered to be given when Kennards performs one of the following steps: (a) send the customer a notice of change to each address indicated by the customer (including an email address); b) publishes the amended conditions in their or c) indicates the amended conditions in the premises from which Kennard conducts leasing transactions. 5.7 Kennards and the client undertake not to disclose information that may be requested pursuant to Section 275 (1) of the PPS Act. The client must do whatever is necessary to ensure that paragraph 275 (6) (a) of the PPS Act continues to apply. The purpose of the agreement of this sub-clause is exclusively to grant Kennards the advantage of section 275, paragraph 6, point a), and Kennards is not liable for the payment of damages or any other compensation or injunction in the event of an actual or imminent violation of that sub-clause. «Credit Account» refers to any settlement agreement we have renewed with our credit application agreement. «environmental legislation,» any law, regulation or other law that is passed by a regulatory authority or government that regulates the environment or somehow regulates the environment, including and without limitation of use or environmental protection.