Boeing Customer Services General Terms Agreement

SPECIFIC INFORMATION ON BOEING`S CONNECTED SITES. In order to make online information about Boeing and commercial transactions with Boeing effective, Boeing uses as an entry into many connected websites and websites operated by Boeing and its subsidiaries and affiliates (all “Boeing sites”). Please note that some Boeing sites may accept specific terms of use for Boeing`s site or transactions on Boeing`s site. For example, some of Boeing`s websites related to business transactions that you or your company have with Boeing, particularly those that are password protected or are subject to subscriptions, may have different terms or separate agreements that complement or repeat these terms. If a Boeing site has imposed its own terms of use by publishing on Boeing`s website, by entering into a separate agreement or in some other way, the provisions of these conditions of Boeing`s website will be checked in the event of a conflict with these Terms of Use for Unless described here, these terms and conditions apply to to the entire Boeing network of sites and control your usage. All goods and services provided to BDA or BAH must be delivered in accordance with the terms and conditions of order, unless a separate contract, primarily written, has been executed. The seller guarantees that the price of goods and services to be provided to MDC under this contract does not exceed the price charged by the seller to any other customer who purchases the same goods and services in similar or minor quantities and under similar purchase conditions. Boeing offers start-up Airlines a full range of tools and services for operating a successful airline.

From training to interior design, financing, maintenance and high-tech extensions, etc. Available resources include: b. The seller ensures that all products and services offered in this contract (including all descriptions, specifications and designs that are part of this contract) and that these goods are marketable, free of design defects, for their normal purposes, free of material and processing errors and to the extent that they are not manufactured according to detailed drawings of MDC. MDC approval of designs or specifications provided by the Seller does not exempt the Seller from its obligations under this guarantee. Boeing disclaims any liability and assumes no responsibility for content posted or downloaded by you or by third parties, or for errors, defamation, defamation, defamation, omissions, untruths, obscenity, pornography or desecration that you may encounter. As an interactive service provider, Boeing, if it exists, is only a forum and is not responsible for statements, presentations or content provided by its users. All copyrighted and copyrighted materials on this site, including, but not limited to, the design, text, graphics, images, sound and other files, and the selection and arrangement (“Materials”) of this site are copyrighted, ALL RESEED RIGHTS, by Boeing and/or third-party donors.